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Water heaters normally collect small quantities of scale and dirty water. This can easily be Water heaters
removed by opening the valve at the bottom of the heater and allowing the tank to drain itself clean. Once you have drained the heater, you should refill and drain again. The rushing water which refills the tank will dislodge any particles clinging to the side of the tank and then you can flush them out. Be sure to turn off the gas and/or electricity before draining your water heater.

All water heaters, whether gas or electric, have a thermostat to control water temperature. The dial should be set at 130 degrees for an electric heater and on NORMAL for a gas heater. This is especially important for the proper cleaning of your dishwasher. Not enough heat will cause your dishes to be dirty at the end of the cycle; too much heat will “bake” dirt to the dishes. Every three or four months you should check the temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater to be sure the lever works properly. If the thermostat should fail to work, this valve would prevent a dangerous increase in water temperature and pressure. If the valve does not completely turn off after released, It should be replaced.

Repairing or Installing a water heater may seem like a simple job to some, but a job done incorrectly can lead to less than adequate hot water, water leaks, and property damage. Let OCSC do the work for you. Our service is not only inexpensive, but also guaranteed.

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